Do jello sculpters use gelatin or agar?!

Question: Do jello sculpters use gelatin or agar?
I've been trying to make something pretty out of gelatin. I have a couple molds and some really good ideas I just can't get anything to be firm enough. I've tried adding less water and it still...the second it gets lifted up falls all over the place!!
The idea of gelatin kinda...grosses me out anyway so I'm not opposed to having to use agar or something other than agar as it is kinda expensive lol

Thank you ?


As a chef I use both, agar does set firmer than gelatin from a animal sources, adding more unflavored gelatin to you package one does help, be if to firm it is not very pleasant to eat, I use to do this for centerpieces on buffets, we glazed meat and fish with gelatin, one time I made a large batch of blue toned gel to make the salmon look like it was swimming and I used dill weed for the seaweed, I chopped the gel into various pieces to make it look like running water, I was in the back kitchen and one of the waitress's brought me a dish of the gel and said the customer was very angry this gelatin had no taste, I told her it was for display only, so label thing for your own self preservation.

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