I ate a bunch of Raw cookie dough, am i gonna throw up?.?!

Question: I ate a bunch of Raw cookie dough, am i gonna throw up?.?
My friend bought me cookie dough (http://hannaford.gsnrecipes.com/GetImage… and I ate more than half of the squares.... Raw cookie dough is sooooooooooooooo bad for you, but I couldnt help myself...
What should I look for later on tonight?. Is my stomach gonna hurt or am I gonna throw up?.



You will probably be fine! Trust me, I ate almost an entire package and I was perfectly okay! You might throw up (unlikely but could happen) but your stomach would already be hurting! Cookie dough will not kill you, but it could make you sick - any sweet thing could! - just be watching yourself and try to eat healthy!

Good luck!

personal experience!

HA no i do it all the time
i mean if you're not used to it your stomach might get a little upset but i doubt you'll throw up.

You will be alright.

i eat cookie dough for snacks and i never get sick

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