Good websites for printable coupons (grocery)?!

Question: Good websites for printable coupons (grocery)?
I can find tons that give you online discounts, but none that you can print and bring to the store. Does anyone know of any good websites?


I'll give you some of my tips. (I do the grocery shopping each week, and, believe me, my wife is soooo glad that I do).

Here are a few ways that I do it.

1. Shop at the same store every week. One time! It's not worth your time or the savings to chase a sale item across town at a competitor's store. Besides, that same item will most likely be on sale at "your" store next week or the week after. By shopping the same store every week, you'll learn savings "patterns". All stores have them. You'll get a feel for when something is going to be on sale. Also, knowing your store's "layout" is huge when it comes to saving big on your grocery bill.

2. Clip coupons from Sunday paper. I save at least $15 just from manufacturers coupons each week.

Here is a "nugget" for you: You don't need to use the coupon on the exact brand. You only need to use it on something from the same manufacturer or "family." Obviously, it isn't broadcasted to the consumer that this can be done, but it always works.

Example: I clip a coupon good for $4.00 off of a Venus razor (P&G company), which, as you probably know, are very pricey, maybe $10 or $15. I do this: wait until the P&G Venus disposables (3-pack) go on sale, which is frequently. Regular price: $7.99. Sale price: $5.99 less my $4.00 coupon: I pay $1.99. Not bad and it works each and every time. I do this all the time with "same family" coupons and save tons each month. No lie.

3. Subscribe to Coupon Bug ( Free to join. The coupons change monthly and always feature coupons for items that I'm going to buy anyway.

4. Store coupons. At my store, they hand them out when they hand me my receipt.

5. Get the store sale circular and "do your homework" BEFORE going to the store. Absolutely a must. Build your grocery list around the sale items. Yes, I said "list". NEVER go grocery shopping without a prepared list. It's just stupid. The night before I go shopping, I have in front of me at the kitchen table: Store circular, all of my coupons, and my "list in progress". Plan your meals, snacks, beverages around sale items. It's so easy. If something is not on sale this week, it, or something similar, will likely be on sale next week, so buy it then.

I go through the circular (the night before) and compare sale items with my coupon inventory. As I said; do your homework. It's easy and it's a "game" to me far more than a necessity. I like to challenge myself to see how much I can save each week.

Here are my last 2 trips and the numbers:

Original total: $265.88

Savings: Sale savings: $57.06
MFG coupons: $10.85
Store coupons: $29.26

Total savings: $97.17 (36.5%)

New total: $168.71

Original total: $208.99

Savings: Sale savings: $46.03
MFG coupons: $5.00
Store coupons: $24.20

Total savings: $75.23 (36%)

New total: $133.76

It works if you prepare (do your homework). It only takes me about an hour of my time to prepare, and, like I said, it's a game and a challenge. All fun.

This company sends coupons to you via email everyday,for whatever.
They also pay you for telling others

This site is fantastic. Give it a look.…

And it narrows your search by zip code.

Using it for years

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