FAT?....or Thin?....?!

Question: FAT?....or Thin?....?
Hi I am 14, and my friends are ALWAYS saying I'm skinny and I have little kids coming up and picking me up. I am trying to think.... I have been wondering should I gain weight and get FAT ? :D I have wondered what it would be like just to gain a WHOLE bunch of weight, or should I stay? I have watched videos on you-tube and saw people with big,soft,squishy belly's and they just....play with them in their videos. And if I do, its my first time ever trying it, and also in consideration I was 116 last time I went to my doctor.


The person above me is completely right! Unless someone tells you that you need to gain weight, i.e. a doctor, then there is no need to bother. At 14 years old, a 116 pounds is pretty normal. My Goddaughter and I saw each other yesterday and she and her mom joined me at the gym. She tagged along for fun and she is 13 yers old and told me she weighs 80 pounds. That is a reasonably low number, yet she doesn't look too skinny by any means. I am guessing you look just fine as well :)

Your weight as a number by itself doesn't mean anything without a corresponding height measurement. However, it sounds like you are having body issues, and possibly because you have been teased about your body, much like kids who are severely overweight. Before trying new diets, you should see a counselor to discuss the thoughts and feelings you have about your size, and to see what is healthiest for you.

You shouldn't force yourself to gain weight unless a doctor or someone tells you to. You probably just have a naturally fast metabolism. And that's why you're so skinny. Don't worry if little kids are picking you up and things. Just be happy with the way you are. You were made that way for a reason. So.. I wouldn't try to gain any unless you really, really feel the need to.

Playing with a fat belly is about the same as... playing with your own boobs.

Since you already have boobs as a woman, it's definitely not worth it to get fat. Not to mention the health problems.

Though sometimes it is nice to keep your hands under your belly for warmth....

Stay skinny.

I have a belly and man boobs. 5'10" 315 lbs

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