Would you eat deep fried cookie dough?!

Question: Would you eat deep fried cookie dough?
Lets say the fair started serving it (say, in bar form.) Maybe with a side of whipped cream to dip it in. Would you eat it?


My cookie dough wouldn't stand any better chance of hitting the fat than it does the oven.
Who cooks it?
Actually I deep fry oatmeal cookie dough with bacon bits.
I call them sweet bacon fritters.


I would eat a deep-fried turd. Not really, but EVERYTHING tastes good deep-fried, so yep… I would.

Live, Love & Laugh

i suppose the cookie dough would cook into a cookie type creation, so sure. sounds good with some chocolate sauce and whipped cream, but EXTREMELY fattening.

Yup. State fair of Texas. I ate deep fried butter, cookie dough, ice cream and coke.
Last year they had deep fried peanut butter sandwiches and deep fried bacon.

I would do more than eat it. I would make long, slow, passionate love to it.
After it had cooled slightly, of course.

who wouldn't eat that lol. i would defiantly eat that in a heartbeat. it sounds amazing

Sounds sinful and delicious.

it would probably be a cookie since it's deep fried, but it sounds delicious and yummy!

I already do. In Scotland it is known as foooooood.

yes I'd try it. Anything on a stick as they say at the MN state fair.

**** yes.


Lots of fat... No.

I like it!It must be delicious.

MMM! yum! that sounds really good!

Hell ******* yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just quit smoking after six years, this sounds like an equally bad vice.. but I would deff try it lol

hell yeah sounds delicious



I think I smell a funnel cake ---- yeah .... fe fi fo fum.

sounds like a heart attack

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