Poll: What is your favorite chocolate candy?!

Question: Poll: What is your favorite chocolate candy?
Dont post an answer like " I dont like chocolate...."


Milk Hershey's.

As long as we are not limited to ' chocolate only ' I would have to say, hands down, Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee Candy. each beautiful nugget of buttercrunch toffee made from real butter and real vanilla is dipped in rich chocolate made from a blend of cocoa from around the world and then rolled in almond crumbs and wrapped in gold foil. If I sound like someone that really, really likes this, it's because I really, really, do. It ends up being crunchy but soft and melts in your mouth,

Dove milk chocolate

Snickers Almond.

lindor truffles(:

hershey bar with almonds

mine has to be lindt lindor

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