Is there any good fizzy or soft drink?!

Question: Is there any good fizzy or soft drink?
I'm trying to cut down my preservative 211 and food acid 330 intake. I drink and eat a lot of these, especially since I eat a packet of eclipse mints a day, which isn't good for my health. Just wondering whether there is a substitute drink which has a flavor with no preservatives, Colors or food acid in it. I drink water, but sometimes it just doesn't give me energy.


Exercise is the best way to get and maintain energy. In general, no, there is no such thing as a "healthy" soft/fizzy drink.

If you want to have a variety outside of fresh cold water, try Club Soda, it's nothing but carbonated water. Check the label of your favorite brand and be sure you're not looking at Seltzer Water which can contain sodium which eliminated water from the body.

Having said that, if you drink a LOT of soda, then cutting back will help. The more water you drink though, the less you will desire the fizzy drinks.

there's this delicious sparkling water thingy that my friends introduced me to. i usually HATE sparkling water, like i throw up after drinking it, but this stuff tasted like soda but was like 0 EVERYTHING. no calories, preservatives, acidic stuff at all, its amazing. and it comes in like Strawberry Kiwi, Black Raspberry, Grapefruit, LemonLime, and Orange Mango!!

it's called Sparkling ICE. here's the home page:

i hope you like it! i LOVE it, and it's really healthy. my friends that drink this stuff are mega serious runners, so they watch what they eat and drink:)

oh and if you slighty freeze it then let a lil defrost, the ice tastes like a yummy slushie!

All fizzy drinks are bad for you. Either too much sugar, or aspartame and other sweeteners that are evil. If you want to drink something a bit more healthy but still sparkling, try drinking soda water cut with real fruit juice.

You should not need energy from sugar, anyway. Make sure you eat lots of slow-release, low-GI carbs to get energy.

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