Chocolate Chips Cookies or Oreos?!

Question: Chocolate Chips Cookies or Oreos?
I love coco cookies you just cant go wrong but oreos are great too :D


I cant decide lol

hello, whats up lol aww you love coco then you like me ha ha am kiddin anyways i love chocolate chip cookies there the best and i adore oeros

i say eat both but i prefer the cookies there so delicious but you can eat both oreos and the cookies, that way they will be double times delicious

go for the COOKIES though if you have to choose one of them
bye cya

Definately chocolate chip cookies. With the warm melted chips in your mouth, you cant go wrong. Oreos can dry your mouth out if you dont have milk, but with chocolate chip cookies your mouth never goes unquenched. They are God's perfected cookie.


I love them both.

But it has to be double chocolate chunk cookies!!! - the huge, crumbly, buttery ones with both White and milk chocolate chunks!!
They're good with hot chocolate/tea/coffee/ ice cream/ in milkshakes etc etc

But Oreos are the 'bomb' too!!!

I have had some mixed feelings about some chocolate chip cookies, but I have never had a bad Oreo. Ya gotta love them.

I just love oreoss........You can get chocolate chip cookies of all sorts of tastes and sizes..but oreo will always remain oreo.;)

Chocolate chip biscuits. Oreos are disgusting.

Chocolate Chip Cookies!!



Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies. yummy!!!

chocolate chip cookies


Oreos man.

i absolutely love the SOFT choco chip cookies! yummm! :)


Oreos is the best!

Oreos are my favorite. Oreos and milk,,, Yum!

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