How do I eat less after school?!

Question: How do I eat less after school?
I eat very little for lunch and breakfast since I assume that I am not losing enough calories to burn all of the fat off. But, once I get home, I know I have a very long day ahead of me, thus I end up "hogging" like a hamster and later on I feel guilty. I eat dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon because after 4:30 I am busy till about 10:00 (gym, homework, etc...)

I am 15, 5'7 and 140pds if that helps. Also, I do workout 5 times a week after school, weather it be running outside, on the treadmill, or even a little zumba marathon. So, how do I reduce my intake of foos during the time of dinner?


Look you're not being healthy or clever by eating little for lunch or breakfast and it's certainly not helping you lose calories. You're 15! I am too and listen teenagers NEED a little fat on them. This is the time we get most growth spurts so if we don't have any fat on our stomachs at all, we'll end up as lanky and abnormally skinny when we're older. if you want to have a nice looking body I suggest switching to a few more healthier food ranges and doing some exercises at HOME rather than in the gym. If you really want to be in a gym then try not to spend so long in there. Gyms are really for adults who want to lose weight because they're actually fat or people who want to tone up muscle that's mature. Your body is still growing so you should just let it. You can get a flat stomach easily by looking up a couple of exercises and doing them after school for 20 minutes.
Why feel guilty for eating? You've had literally nothing all day PLUS you go to the gym 5 times a week!? Isn't all this a little much for trying to lose a bit of fat which you actually need. Don't be one of those self-obssessed teenagers who think they're 'fat' because they have a bit of a tummy and end up in the gym for hours on end whilst eating practically nothing until late at night.
Also, since you're still in school, of course your day is going to be pretty hectic. Homework and whatever else. You shouldn't be wasting time on something that's not worth doing. If you want to 'reduce your intake of food during the time of dinner' then I suggest eating breakfast and lunch so you won't be stuffing your face at tea time! It's a simple solution! Exercising at a 'reasonable pace' (meaning not over-working yourself!) is good enough for getting off any fat you DON'T need.

There's your answer. Your very long but simple solution. :)

Personal Experience and Common Knowledge

Don't feel guilty for eating, because you have to eat to live. Feel guilty for WHAT you eat instead. Eat as healthy as possible, include more vegetables and less carbohidrates. If you eat meat, it should not be greasy.
Having a good breakfast consisting mainly in carhohidrates will help you be less hungry at dinner time, and also will help you burn more calories than if you didnt have anything for breakfast because eating breakfast increases the metabolism.

Eat breakfast. whether it be, fruit and yogurt or low fat cream cheese on a bagel. Whatever. Then have a salad or soup for lunch. It doesnt have to be big meals, but you do need something. When you get home, just dont eat. Its not that hard. Its called "self-discipline". At dinner, have 1 plate full. Dont go for seconds. Working out is great. Dont forget to get atleast 2 hours of excersize a day and atleast 7 hours of sleep a night.

Took a course, experience and common sense.

Hi, I'm also fifteen and have the exact same issue. I snack loads after school because I'm sooo hungry. I find that a way of stopping myself from over eating is to decide what I'm going to eat, then eat it, rather than rushing to the kitchen and grabbing everything I see. Also surely eating at 3.30 makes you ravenous? Are your binges happening after your dinner? Also you shouldn't have 6 hours of work in the evening. Nobody gets that much - seriously.

Hog like a hamster - you are really scofffing it down arn't you:>) Just have a balsnced meal and if you need to snack between try raw vegies or dried fruit and nuts for energy. I hope this helps,all the best. Rab

I am a Chef.

Substitute-you can eat just as much but eat low calorie stuff like favorite fruits and veggies. Find other things to eat that are low calories.

If you are doing all that exercise you'll want to eat more or your muscles will start breaking down.

If you want to fill yourself up eat high fibre foods because we can't digest it, therefore it fills us up more

When you get home, instead of eating junk, eat fresh fruit or yogurt.

Stop eating fat & high calorie food!

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