Capsaicin in peppers?!

Question: Capsaicin in peppers?
From an evolutionary perspective, why do peppers contain capsaicin?

(stuck on this question, any ideas?)
It's biology class


at a guess
as its what makes a pepper taste hot, it was to stop any predators from eating eat and ensured survival of the plant/species?

it really a guess though

My first thought would be that because the peppers natural enemy, hates spicy foods. Originally, the velociraptor was born as a vegetarian, feeding on the lush vegetation of its natural area, however, its favorite snack, that of the pepper, was often eaten most for its delicious flavor. The peppers grew tired of their friends being so much, so they formed together and created Capsaicin in secret underground laboratories, in order to better defend their kind from the velociraptors, who they knew hated spicy foods. Injecting large amounts of the chemical into their bodies, they naturally began to produce it themselves, deterring the velociraptors, who then had to change to smaller prey, such as Chuck Norris. This then caused velociraptors to later become carnivores.

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