Is anybody else addicted to hot cheetos?!

Question: Is anybody else addicted to hot cheetos?
Is that even possible? I eat like one bag a day and if I dont I crave them like REALLY bad.


It's the MSG.…

Hahah, I think everyone is addicted to Hot Cheetos at my school, as far as I know... I especially am obssessed with them too. I think everyone can be addicted to those chips every once and a while. But in your case, you seem to really like them.


You might be addicted to the cheese in the hot cheetos... I've seen on the news one day that being addicted to cheese is possible... thats prolly it

I Luv hot cheetos && melted nacho cheese... i crave that all the time

LOL actually I bought some 2 days ago after not having some for liek 4 years. I had a little and stopped idk it is too hot lmao



Careful, over time you will wear down your stomach and cause stomach ulcers and/or diarrhea.

Not so much as the hot ones, but I love Cheetos Puffs. I ate half a bag the other day & forced my bf to hide them somewhere. lolz!! :D

>Yeah, me. Too bad, I gain weight. I had to lay off of them.

i feel the same way they are soooooo goooood!! lol

hot cheeeeetos!! yummy :P

actually I bought some 2 days ago after not having some for like 4 years. I had a little and stopped.

if i were u, id back offf a bit. its not good for u to be addicted to hot things

I used to but not really much anymore

I like hot cheetos but not like you

I have them once in awhile and then stop. Eat a bit and stop...they are not spicy just yummy. lol

Yes!!! My fingers are always red

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