Do jellyfish really produce jelly?!

Question: Do jellyfish really produce jelly?
I was watching Spongebob Squarepants the other day and Spongebob was able to more or less "milk" the jellyfish for jelly. 2 part question.
1) Is that possible?
2) How would you do it without getting stung?


1) Only in Bikini Bottoms.
2) Well, since Spongebob is a sponge, all that electricity just absorbs in him! So he's the only one who can really do it!


Jellyfish do not produce jelly. It's meant to be a cute joke for the audience. If you want jelly, I'm afraid no animal is going to produce it for you. Jelly is something you have to make for yourself.

LOL, it's a cartoon silly. No, you can not get jelly from a jelly fish. Jelly fish are called jelly fish because they look like jelly.

No its not exactly the fish more or less resemble the shape of jelly and so it is called jelly fish

no you can't it's a cartoon it's just one of many of there really bad jokes


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