I ate expired mayonnaise, now what?!

Question: I ate expired mayonnaise, now what?
I ate in a hurry. I just had some chicken (the kind that comes in a tuna can), and some mayonnaise. Yay college? It looked fine when i took it out, but when I mixed it it got watery and had some yellow oily type puddles (small). It smelt fine. I bought it, I don't remember when. The expiration says SEPT0411FOO something. I thought that meant Sept 4th 2011, was I wrong? I already feel like hell, and it's only been maybe a half an hour.

Was it rotten? Or could this be something else? Do I just have to wait it out if I get sick?

I feel warm, my stomach is cramping, and I feel like my body is going to decide to make it hurl. I know the mayo was in the fridge since towards the end 2010.

What can help this? Will it get worse? I have class soon, should I try to go? Should I make myself hurl?


go to class, that may be the only way to find out if you're truly sick...only once you're in class will the symptoms appear, if there is anything wrong...there will be a few gurglings as you enter the building and your classroom, but only when you sit down next to that guy, will the gases build up and need immediate release, it will also be only then, that you learn suddenly that the gases are not just seeking release, they're propelling liquids and small solids...and as inert and odorless as they seemed earlier, you now are acutely aware of thenoxious ambience that just hangs in the air around you, without dissipating..that alone is enough to bring them to everyone's attention, but the wet bubbly sounds emenating from your chair serve only to accent the unseen presence of the chicken spirit.

Hi Alyssa, don't make yourself hurl if it happens it will naturally. you will probably be ok. All the best. Rab

I am a Chef.

You should be fine. If you feel worse, go see a nurse.

It should be Sept 4, 2011. Plus, food doesn't necessarily start to expire until 3-4 days after the date.

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