What's your favorite ice cream?!

Question: What's your favorite ice cream?
I know it's a really random question, but just wondering:)


COOKIE DOUGH!!!!!!!! <3


vanilla :D :D :D

but my favorite EVER is that cheap kind they put in vanilla ice cream sandwiches <3 i just take off all the chocolate (the "bread") and eat the ice cream on the inside ^.^ it rockss :o

my favorite companies though are Bluebell, Klondike, and Haegen Dahz ;p

I don't really have a favourite as I don't eat much and to say one is nicer than others wouldn't be right.
I have had some Hokey Pokey and Orange Chocolate Chip that I liked, but didn't really like Chocolate Caramel or Very Chocolate Berry.

I'm pretty sure it's a regional thing, but my favorite is Perry's Rocky Mountain Raspberry. It's a white chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls and dark chocolate chunks. The best ice cream I've ever tasted!!

Mango! or cookies and cream or the very berry i think its called. Basically its a strawberry ice cream. Seasonally, there is blueberry ice cream which i LOVE!

I love my tofuttie cuties! They are dairy free and so delicious. Yay for saving cows, my skin and my weight and still eating ice cream!!


Ok i have way 2 many favorites but if i had 2 choose then chocolate malted crunch!!! SOOOO good!!!!


vanilla, cookie dough, or PEANUT BUTTER CUP! :-)

Mint chocolate chip!

Cookies and cream

I like just plain ol' vanilla.

i LOVE strawberry ice cream! (so strawberry would be my favorite)


rocky road.

butter pecan :)
hands down!

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