Do you eat 3 meals a day ?!

Question: Do you eat 3 meals a day ?
Or do u just eat when u feel hungry =)

BQ: DO you eat enough fruit or do you feel you need to eat more ?


Nope . I Eat When Im Hungry .

BQ: I Need To Eat More .

I used to basically eat one huge meal at supper but two months ago, I started forcing myself to eat three or four small meals a day and I've lost 26 pounds without drastically changing WHAT I eat. I start the day with a smoothie made with low fat greek yogurt, frozen berries, a half a banana and a splash of vanilla, 1/2 tsp each of cocoa powder and cinnamon. Really filling and so good for your energy levels and health.

During the week i normally get a small lunch or snack and a normal sized dinner. After dinner ill have a snack. On weekends, i usually eat brunch, a snack in the afternoon and dinner and then a snack after dinner.

Yes, three meals a day. Two light snacks as well.

I eat mostly fruits, veggies and whole grains.

Diebetic diet

Just 2

3 & no!

no, just 2..

when i feel hungry

i need to eat more

no i eat one meal a day (dinner) and graze for the rest

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