What does it mean when this happens while eating?!

Question: What does it mean when this happens while eating?
When i first bite into something sometimes i get a tingly feeling in my jaws! It goes away in a few seconds and only happens after the first bite especially if it tastes good. What is that tingling sensation?! Its a little uncomfortable and akward.. =/



The same thing will happen to me when I bite into something and my salivatory glands weren't ready for it. i.e. my mouth was not watering in anticipation of the food coming...instead my mouth was relatively dry when I bit into the food and this cause a jump-start on the salivatory glands.

Wikipedia says: The salivary glands in mammals are exocrine glands, glands with ducts, that produce saliva. They also secrete amylase, an enzyme that breaks down starch into maltose. In other organisms such as insects, salivary glands are often used to produce biologically important proteins like silk or glues, and fly salivary glands contain polytene chromosomes that have been useful in genetic research.

It's the myofacial muscles contracting very hard and fast in response to what you ate. Normally those muscles never have cause to contract that hard and fast. Not all people experience pain in jaw from taking that first bite, but it is usually caused by foods that are sour, bitter, or very sweet. You may need to have a dentist check for TMJ.

Mouth orgasm. Spurtalicious!

idk but it happens to some people I know, and it happens to me when I eat (or even Think about) something sour

salivatory gland malfunction

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