is junk food good for the body?!

Question: Is junk food good for the body?
can please tell me if its good or not good in detail pleas


Junk food is never good for you. I have seen plenty of documentaries where brand name companies sacrifice healthy for cheapness by putting confusing chemicals into them just so they taste good and get you hooked.

I am trying to ween myself off of junk food.

if you eat good food - your body gets what it need - getting stronger.
if you eat bad things (like, things that junk food has inside) - your body getting things that make him sick - getting fat, older and ugly faster.

Junk food = bad hence the work *JUNK*

maybe very little healty junk food like weight watchers is good but not bad stouf like chocolate bares and cake/pie

no it is not food because it has bad things in it

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