What foods might you find in a 1930's diner?!

Question: What foods might you find in a 1930's diner?
I have to make menu with food from around the 1930's and the The Great Depression. I need to find some food for breakfast, dinner and lunch. Help please?



Ham and eggs over easy (or scrambled or poached)
toast w/butter
honey and nut rolls
corn bread
half a grapefruit
coffee, tea, milk

Lunch (what they called 'dinner' then):
Sandwich (ham salad, tuna salad, bologna)
Pie (apple, peach, huckleberry)
Soup (vegetable, tomato cream soup, chowder, potato, pea soup, lentil soup,
Coca Cola
Milkshakes or malteds


Meatloaf and gravy with mashed potatoes
Fried chicken
Salad (mixed, peas/carrots, beets/carrots)
Apple Brown Betty
Bread Pudding
Pie (lemon, apple, grapefruit, butterscotch)
Ice Cream (plain flavors like vanilla, cherry or rum raisin)

Fascination with the 1930's

Hi - I have the SearchLight Recipe Book from 1935. It sort of depends what part of the country you were in since most diners at the time would have served local produce and specialties. In the South you'd have biscuits instead of bread with your meals. some breakfast items would have included toasted muffins, eggs, juice, cereal, or cinnamon cakes.

Lunch could have included creamed chicken on toast points, a molded salad using gelatin (those were very popular in the 30s) like peach-grape gelatin salad, meat loaf and potatoes. For dinner you might have had baked ham in raisin sauce, steak, meat balls with tomato gravy, and for dessert, puddings were popular or pies (canned cherry pie, chocolate chiffon pie, fresh fruit pies in season).

It was the depression, but rationing didn't start until the 40's with WWII, so you could find whatever you needed if you had the money.

I thought diners would be from the 50's, but... idunno...

French Toast.
Hash Browns.
Breakfast Burritos.
Corned Beef Hash.
Steak & Eggs.
Colorado Green Chili.
Texas Red Chili.
All-American Cheeseburger.
Pork Cutlet Sandwich.
Chicken Fried Steak.
Chicken Gravy.

Food rationing played a big role in the foods that became popular during that time. Here's some info on the subject....


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