I need some names for a chocolate bar?!

Question: I need some names for a chocolate bar?
the chocolate is is like a Time Out, or Kit Kat


Soft Crunch
Zip Zap
caramel charisma
Super Sensations
Brown Clown
{ If it was Caramel I would recommended Caramelamal (Caramel Animals) }- Is it?

Try looking at Alliteration and Rhyming.
Alliteration by the way, is when you have two or more words together that begin with the same letter, practically like a tongue twister. For example Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers in the Pouring rain.

Ok, so you have crunchy chocolate. You need a name that invokes that. Any particular kind of chocolate? Knapper Bar Knapperig is Dutch for crunchy, and you also get that nice dutch chocolate tie in.

Creamy Crunch Bar
Creamy Cookie Bar
Better Then Yummy Bar
Crazy Good Bar
Cake Bar

try orgasmic chocolate

How about Opaliciuos.

Mmmm bar!

Tik Tak

Oh, wait...

Crunch Time

crunchy snapper?

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