Health questions about making breakfast smoothies?!

Question: Health questions about making breakfast smoothies?
Eating several small meals a day is good right? Im not trying to lose weight but I hate eating breakfast! In fact I don't have time and I don't want to eat in the morning when Im not hungry. I do however like drinking vanilla slim fast shakes. Would it be ok if I pour my shake in the blender and mixed in some broccoli and berries too. I would love to get some new ideas without having to buy a juicer.Also I hear that Cayenne pepper is good for your heart, bones and hair. How do I add that into my eating if I cant handle the heat. I don't like anything that is spicy.


The slim fast shakes are a complete meal. Smoothies are something different.
In a blender put a banana, some yogurt you like, some strawberries, grape or orange juice and some ice to make it thick. You can use any kinds of fruit. Frozen fruit eliminates the need for ice. Blend it till smooth and thick. If you want a veggie smoothie put the broccoli in but I wouldn't mix it in with a fruit smoothie. You can put in some of that soy protein powder if you want extra vitamins...

This is the best guide to Smoothies and I really think you will find your answers there. About the Cayenne pepper? Try the second link for info about it and health.



If you hate eating breakfast--like me--I have breakfast when I'm more awake. I tend to eat breakfast around 11am and eat the usual kind of breakfast food like cereal or a yogurt or toast. I've never heard that about cayenne pepper but I wonder how such a small amount of spice can really add that much nutrition.

I used to love breakfast when I was younger, but as I got older I just lost the desire more and more and it got to the point that I was not eating anything in the morning. Then I discovered Kefir smoothies. I went to the health food store and got the stuff to make my own kefir, but you can buy it if you live in a big enough city. I put the kefir (kind of like yogurt, but way better for you) in the blender, and add whatever frozen berries I like. Since I make the kefir myself I already have it flavoured with vanilla and my sweetener of choice. So super fast. I also do a greens plus, that I usually have on the side. I am going to start to add that to the smoothie too. I find the greens plus absolutel crucial for me to add to my daily regimine. I also add a few drops of vitamin D3 into the smoothie too. With this concoction taken in the morning, I am not hungry til noon. Even then I am still not really hungry.

I went to a class on herbs. The instructor said this about cayenne. It can be used for cuts. Taken internally or used directly on the wound. You can take the cayenne and mix it with water and pour it on the wound and it will help stop the bleeding. Cayenne will help fainting, heart attacks, hypothermia, and shock. Cayenne increases blood flow to the brain. After going to this class I personally started to use cayenne pepper regularly in the winter time. I have raynauds and I lose circulation in my hands. Drinking hot water with a bit of cayenne in it really brings the circulation back. Cayenne only feels like it is burning. Start small, and work your way up. I couldn't stand the stuff at first, but now quite like it! If you can't stand stuff that is spicy, just do what I did and have a cup of water with it, have a little, then throw the rest out. Have more next time, work your way up with the spicyness.

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