Different ways I can use milk?!

Question: Different ways I can use milk?
Ok, I'm 15 and I hate the taste of milk. Like, REGULAR, PLAIN milk.
Its disgusting! I quit drinking regular milk when I was like 1 1/2.

But, I will eat anything with milk in it, or a milkshake, or flavored milk.
I've read that you're supposed to consume lots of calcium and milk, and I don't want to be crippled when I'm older...so help?!


Haha I dont understand you because I LOVE milk. But anyway....
Milkshakes are great. Good idea.
Flavored milk...again good idea. However buy it fat free like darigold fat-free chocolate/strawberry milk because its more better for you. :D
I do this-I make smoothies! Try instead of a milk shake to do fruit smoothies. I usu sally just as a banana and 1/2 a cup of milk, teaspoon of vanilla extract and ice and crush it together in a blender and there you go. Its healthy, a GREAT meal to go and its tasty! You can also add strawberries, blueberries..basically any berry. I personally love the banana and milk together.
Cereal and hot cereals. Try oatmeal with milk. Buy some Quaker oats and add 1-1/2 of milk with the oats and pop it in the microwave for 1-2 min and there you go. If you dont like oatmeal try adding some granola of fruits to it. Maybe a LITTLE bit of honey or a PINCH of brown sugar.
There are special flavor straws were you put it in the milk and suck and the milk is flavored. Its like little beads of flavor in a plastic straw-the name escapes mea t the movement, Lol.
Cookies with milk? I would guess.
Milk cake or milk bread. You can look up the recipe.
Milk pudding.
jut pour milk in a small bowl and add stuff to it-since you said you will eat anything with it. Add things like berries and cereal together, and granola. Granola is YUMMEH with milk.
And if these dont work, you always have alternatives for calcium. Like yogurt, cheese and ice cream. However, these are seconday choices from real milk becuase they are more fattening., Try to buy fat free or 100 calorie yogurts, low fat cheese and eat ice cream to an absolute MINIMUM. Its mostly a little calcuim with a whole bunch of fats and creams frozen.
Try to make your own yogurt with milk. Put berries and flavouring with a can of milk and put in the freezer and see what you come out with. (Just a thought, lol :P )


Lots of foods are rich in Calcium. If you don't like milk don't drink it, it's really not good for you anyway.Try these:
?Collard greens
?Turnip greens
?White beans
?Baked beans
?Brussel sprouts
?Sesame seeds
?Bok choy

You can whip it up with raw eggs, it makes scrambled eggs come out more fluffy and its good in coffee too.

I like it most heated and had with my cereal in the mornings.

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