i love burgers!!! what's the best place to get a burger?!

Question: I love burgers!!! what's the best place to get a burger?

the absolute best place to get a burger is 'in n out' burger. hands down THE BEST burger out there!

Fast Food: Carls Jr (Try their Western Bacon Cheeseburger)
Restaurant Chain: Red Robins
And of course Local Places often have the best food but not nearly as good as homemade if you know the right people...

There's a place called 5 Guys near my work that has awesome burgers but the Fries are the really major thing I consider. So with that considered: Jack in The Box has the best fries out of any Fast Food Chain..., As for Restaurant Chains.. I can't be too sure. Most places have thick cut fries and I'm not crazy about Red Robins fries.

Burger King haha no jk...I'd say KILROYS, but its in Las Vegas ;)

Answer mine please:


Inside the chain or small chain world, Jimmy Buffett's



Red Robins , oh yeahhhh

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