It's banaaaaaana tiiiiime! ?!

Question: It's banaaaaaana tiiiiime! ?
Remember that antibiotic we all had as a kid, that tasted like banana's?
Mmm yah i bet you do. It was bomb-dig. Heavenly, one might say.
Ha that was cheesy.
I think it's called 'augmentin'. Not sure.
Any ideas on how to make something similar?
Guessing you would start off with milkshake type ingredients. Milk, vanilla ice cream, banana's. What do you think?
O mmm a banana milkshake!
That might be good :) do you have a good recipe?


Banana milkshake

1 ripe banana
Ice cream

Put the banana in a blender with a scoop or two of ice cream. Put some milk in there and blend that puppy.

You could add a pinch of salt and a drop of vanilla if you want.

thigns to do with bananas - Damn, that sounded dirty.... haha!!

with pancakes/waffles with nutella/peanut butter/ jam/ cream/ chocolate sauce/ berries/ fruit
In a milkshake
with ice cream
with cocoa powder or nutella!!
Dip into melted chocolate
On white bread with butter (sounds weird)
Make banana bread
bananan muffins
dry them (or whatevere you do with them)... so you have banana chips.
make a cake
eat it as it is!

LOL!! awrwh i remeber that stuff!! i think milk vanilla ice cream combo sounds great!! maybe add some vanilla essence as well? i think if you want it to taste like the antibiotics add some vinigar or something!! haha x

No, according to my empirical research, it is actually peanut butter jelly time.

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