What is your favorite food and why?!

Question: What is your favorite food and why?
Mine is sashimi with lots of uzu sauce because it taste so good and I know it's good for me.

Second would have to be my mom's spaghetti... nuff said.


One of my favorite foods, is watermelon. Ice cold, bursting with sweet, juicy goodness! Give me a great big slice, a fork and a little salt, and let me go!

And...it is low in calories, and high in fiber!


My favorite changes day by day. Today it's lightly toasted flour tortillas with garlic butter. Last week it was spicy meatloaf and mashed potatos. I'm starting to crave chicken and dumplings.

Chicken. It's good for you and there are so many ways to prepare it. I use Springer Mountain Farms Chicken. You can look it up online. They sell it at Kroger.

My favorite food is japanese grilled eel.

It's flavor is breath taking, it's texture is out of this world.

snack: pickles
they are amazing & zero calories!
plus u burn calories as you eat them. :D

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