What foods where popular through the decades!?!

Question: What foods where popular through the decades!?
It is my Great Gran's 100th birthday in a month and I am planning on doing "food through the decades" theme and I need a bit of help so anytime from the 1910's to 2000 would be great!


Congratulations to your Great Gran. That's a wonderful achievement.

In the 1910's and 20's we were still recovering from the the after-effects of the excesses of Victorian cuisine and the foodstuffs of Empire were still flooding into Britain. Kedgeree, brawns, tripe, mulligatawny, curries, in fact anything from Mrs Beaton wouldn't go amiss. In the 30's there was the depression so foods became simpler, with many families eking out a large roast to last the whole week - roast on Sunday, cold on Monday etc. WW2 in the 40's saw rationing and the Ministry of Food published many recipes to help families make the most of their portion. Marguerite Patton has some very good recipes if you Google her. There was still rationing at the beginning of the 50's, but when that ended and Elizabeth David started publishing her books people started to eat more continental foodstuffs - olive oil came out of the medicine cupboard and into the kitchen one. The 60's and 70's saw the boom in pre-packed ready meals. Birds Eye, Findus and Vesta Curries were very popular but the smart dinner party set had Prawn Cocktail, Fondue and Black Forest Gateau as staples. The 80's saw Nouvelle Cuisine, minuscule portions of horribly overpriced anaemic baby vegetables, balsamic vinegar on everything and microwave ready meals. The 90's had the rise of the celebrity chef and a move to healthier eating with more fruit and vegetables taking centre stage instead of the meat and 2 veg practised for much of the rest of the century. BSE, salmonella and pesticide scares meant that various foods were shunned - remember Edwina Curry's egg faux pas? - but better rules and hygiene has meant better quality is now available . Or if not better quality overall, then better choice so that if you want quality over price then you can have it. The 2000's have seen Farmer's Markets and more people growing their own foods to try and ensure better quality foods, less pesticides, food miles and lighter meals cooked more simply seems to be more popular now. Any Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe seems to embody this philosophy.

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Hi,dear friend.

My opion is that it must be according to your Great Gran's taste. You can prepare ten types of food.And every type can represent the history at that time and bring the good memory to your Great Gran.Also ,you can name the ten types of food colorfully,and can give him the great blesses by this way.

And the food popular or unpopular does not matter. And by the interesting and unique way ,to bless him is the most important.

Sincerely,May your Great Gran healthy and happy every moment!

Also,glad to make friend with you,my name is Roney,from China,working in a internation trading company ,dealing with the building materials. Hoping you can reply me and give me your detailed contact information.

Thanks and best regards
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Happy birthday & Congratulations.

1980's French Cuisine was very popular, so if she likes that Im sure it will be a winner.

God Bless her and here is to another 100.

Try googling World War II Recipes. In the meantime...in the 60's and 70's prawn cocktail and fondue were very popular!

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Check out Dining Through the Decades: 100 years of American food. It might have just what you're looking for.

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