Do you eat what's good for you, or what you want?!

Question: Do you eat what's good for you, or what you want?
Just wondering how many people try to have a varied diet, and even eat things you don't like, just to get all the vitamins, etc. you need. I tend to get in food ruts, where I may have lasagna several days for awhile, or something like that.


Six days a week I eat healthy food and stay away from sweets and bad carbohydrates, but one day every week I eat whatever I feel like eating. Or at least almost, perhaps not chocolate, candy and crisps in huge portions. That would be only on very special occasions or holidays. :)
And yes, I do sometimes eat food which I don't like just for the health benefits, but I wouldn't torture myself with food I really dislike. For example, I would never eat beans. Never. Or at least not as long as I have a choice. :)

I try to find a balance between the two as much as I can... I eat what I like, but have the more unhealthy things (like burgers, fries, chips, desserts, etc.) in moderation. As far as things like lasagna and such (I love Italian food!) I don't stress myself out too much over eating it, but instead try to make it with the high-quality ingredients and substitute healthier ingredients when I can while still having a lot of flavor. Otherwise, I let myself enjoy it, because I've gotten into phases where I'm just constantly worried about what I'm eating, restricting myself, and being miserable. And that really sucks. I've realized now that it's possible to eat healthy and still have a lot of flavor and be satisfying.

I tend to eat what's good for me that I like, and sometimes (to keep my sanity, I say), I eat a little bit of 'junk food' like chips or cookies/ice cream.
I guess I'm lucky that I like veggies, salads, meats that are grilled, etc. And I don't like many sauces or butter or mayo.

But I feel it's important to have something that you like, even if just a small portion, daily in order to keep it all in check. Or else people tend to avoid food they like for as long as they can stand it, then binge. That's not good for you.

I used to eat whatever the heck I wanted up until my mid twenties. Then I realized I can't continue to act like that unless I want to slowly get fat. I had a very high metabolism growing up and was always super skinny eating very fattening foods. I occasionally get a craving for fast food cheeseburgers or icecream, but it's a rare treat, like maybe once a week or every other week, not a daily thing.

To be honest,there are many kinds of food which are good for our body.Maybe we don't like eat them.But the nutrition is our need.We can't choose it.Although the fact is in front of us,we can choose eat more or less.At this time,I must say those called "rubbish" food we may eat less. Because it is no good for our body.If you like eating them,of course you can eat,but don't eat more.


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