Should I let my girlfriend eat hamburgers and french fries? (objective advice please!)?!

Question: Should I let my girlfriend eat hamburgers and french fries? (objective advice please!)?
Okay here is the and my girl were at McDonalds. She asked me what I was getting and I told her I was going to get a quarter pounder with cheese and some fries. She said ooh that sounds good, i want to get that too. Then I told her no because it was too fattening for her and she needed to keep her trim figure. Then she was like but you are getting it, why can't I?. Then I said because I am a guy and it is okay if we gain weight but if a girl gains weight it isn't attractive. Plus guys have higher metabolisms than girls do. I told her she was my little barbie girl and I wanted her to stay that way. Most of the time she understands my logic but she was on PMS and started pouting about it. Kudos to me for still paying for lunch. I ordered her a salad. Then while we were eating I told her that she could have a burger and fries for her birthday but she said she wanted Olive Garden! Women!! Anyways her friend found out and said I was a jerk. Am I wrong here?


You are a donkey and so is she if she puts up with that crap. paid for lunch?!? at MCDS? whatta guy!! 5 dollar lunch sooooo nice. its understandable if u want her to stay thin but let her eat what she wants. if she starts to get chuncky or whatever just let her know. dont say she cant eat what she wants thats flat out rude. i would smack u if i was ur gf

Hahahahaha, you must be very, very, very bored! I love your sarcasm... anyone that takes this seriously is certainly an idiot! or maybe I'm just too sarcastic and it's too noticeable for me

well larissa i hope youre on someone elses account. i hope she dumps you.

I hope you're joking. Sounds like you like her body more than her entire person. Get over yourself.

Yes you are.
I would have slapped you around a little. You are a sexist, and that doesn't settle with most women I know.

you are a boy named Larissa? Then you are the one with a problem.

The worst thing u can do is tell your girlfriends u think she will get fat...


You need to be subtle when talking about what she can and can not eat.

Is she a big girl?

dnt like slave her haha

Yes you are wrong it's her chocie on what she wants to eat

I have no idea where your manners came from, but they are nonexistent. ANY person who tells someone else what to eat is way out of line. You are already headed for a divorce and you are not even married. Lord help your significant other if you keep this up. I think that she needs to find herself a real man, not a childish boy. A real man would never speak to his sweetie like that!
If this is true, you need some major help and bragging about buying your girl friend a salad at McDonald's is really classless. Wow big spender.......grow up and learn some manners.
Good luck to will certainly need it with your attitude!

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