what is your favorite dessert?!

Question: What is your favorite dessert?
I like ice cream, pie, cake, cookies.


I would have to say warm chocolate chip cookies n ice cold milk. OMG!

I love steaming hot chocolate brownies and ice cream together. It tastes delicious and when you put a bit of both in your mouth it's boiling and freezing at the same time. It's quite a unique sensation!

Hamilton Island restaurant.

>My downfall are custard or fruit filled doughnuts which are sugared. I love chocolate or vanilla custard types and anything with red raspberry filling. The powdered fruit filled doughnuts are the best!

Blueberry pie with cool whip,and chocolate fudge brownies!

Tiramsu that is an Italien dessert.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream..


cheesecake and peanut butter pie!!!


Chocolate torte royal

Ice cream!

My mouth and my taste buds.


cheese cake. whats yours?

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