What foods do you like eating out of a box or a can or bottle?!

Question: What foods do you like eating out of a box or a can or bottle?
I like eating Trix cereal out of the box and Peanut butter Jelly (the Goober kind) eating Whip Cream out of the bottle and a 1liter bottle of RC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Ice Cream straight from the tub haha

obviously peanut butter, that's like the ultimate food to eat staight out of something with a spoon. You kow honeslty i prefer to eat almost anything out of something. Who the hell needs a plate or cup lol.

It's amazing!may be useful as a personal reference


Macadamia nuts straight from the can. Its not that dry to the taste and the texture is great especially if you follow it up with a glass of Mt. Dew.

peanut butter
ice cream
any drink...

... and I'm embarrassed to say, Worcestershire sauce.

beer out of the bottle for me, ice cream out of the tub

My favourite ingredient is canned plum tomatoes. They can be added to a milion recipes.

olives straight outa the can!!!!!!!!

my mouth yoo!!!

Ice cream and nutella - not at the same time:)

Get Bread and tuna fish out of a can and make a tuna fish sandwich

whip cream lol

Irish stew in a tin.

tuna straight from the can LOL

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