Can guinea pigs eat Frosted Flakes cereal?!

Question: Can guinea pigs eat Frosted Flakes cereal?
Frosted Flakes are sugar-glazed corn flakes.

Do they cause any health problems besides fat?

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It's not acceptable to feed your guinea pigs frosties even if they have a go at eating it. It contains too much sugar and processed grains and bulking agents. Give your pet guinea food from a shop or things like carrots, lettuce and apple if you want to give them a treat.

No. Guinea Pigs cannot eat sugar. It can kill them. They need to stick to veggies and the Guinea Pig food you buy in pet stores.

what the hell are you thinking! no god damn way in hell woman. it makes them loose their collestravie placed in the lower bowel.
i would not recommend it

depends on the chemicals, but you probably shouldn't in case it's like giving chocolate to a dog

They probably will, but you should NOT give them sugar coated foods.

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