Does anyone know a good website to watch streaming tv without paying or registering?!

Question: Does anyone know a good website to watch streaming tv without paying or registering?
i need a really good website to watch movies like alvin and the chipmunks 2 and shrek 4ever after online for free without paying or registering. i have already tried hulu, youtube, graboid, and limewire. can any body help? Please help.thanks, now i can watch my favorite shows online


If you want to watch live tv in internet, check out this site

Here you'll find the best software to watch tv on the net and get unlimited access to Over 3,500 HD Channels

Hope this help,

WWiTV is one of the sites that has thousands
of television stations around the internet that
you can watch free. These TV stations are
from numerous countries and the United
States as well. You can watch live news,
comedies and drama on this site and it is very user friendly. You can view by country
or topic. Beeline TV has many TV channels worldwide
that you can view. All the stations here are
listed on one page, which is used for the
visitors to select stations listed by country.
There are quite a few American stations
here. Internet TV is one of the best sites to watch
TV sports. This search engine will find any
type of sport you enter and, if it is playing,
live this site will find it. This is a great way
to watch the Olympics from a local station
rather then the coverage the pay per channels offer.…

check some local TV station's websites, or supported sights like hulu or netflix

any other streaming websites that are channeling satellite services from other countries are actually breaking the law

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