i was eating small olives with small pits?!

Question: I was eating small olives with small pits?
well, i accidentally swallowed one small olive pit,will i be ok? I am drinking lots of water and i couldn't believe i did that! help?


you will be fine, it will flush right out.

This happened to an Uncle of mine. He eventually grew an Olive Tree in his intestinal lining. I wouldn't worry too much though.....being inside the stomach it will grow quite slow. It will likely take about 20 years to get big enough to be crippling like it did for my Uncle. If you looked in his mouth you could actually see the olive tree twisting in and out of his throat and vocal chords....it was pretty cool! Yeah, Uncle Olive (which is what we called him, for obvious reasons) was not a well man. By the end (he was about 35-40...having swallowed the seed in his late teens) he was a twisted waste of a man. His arms and legs were actually pinned together by the growing Olive Vine which worked its way through the crevices of every joint an bone at this point....he was basically frozen in one position...begging for us to Kill Him every minute of every day (we ignored him.....If got old after a while).

PS Yeah....all of that above was a lie............And if it wasn't incredibly obvious, then it really should have been....
Now I've got to ask you........did you SERIOUSLY think swallowing an olive seen was going to hurt you?!?!?! What the heck did you imagine it was going to do to you?!?!? Its just a freakin' Olive Seed!!! People swallow those all the time!! LMAO!!!

If you were HONESTLY worried about what would happen to you, if you swallowed an Olive Seed, and not just joking, then I think I would be FAR more worried about your lack of common sense, and your lack of even the most basic biological and scientific knowledge. Those are MUCH more troubling that swallowing a freaking Olive Seed!!!

>You will be fine. I have swallowed olive and cherry pits and nothing ever happened to me.

If you are not choking to death right now it will not have affected you.

You will grow an olive tree in your stomach... but other than that, you'll be fine.

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