How long can you keep sliced kiwi for?!

Question: How long can you keep sliced kiwi for?
Okay, so tomorrow, I need to bring kiwis to school for making smoothies with a class (it's a long story).
Technically, you're not supposed to bring a knife, since that's a weapon and all, and I'm not sure about the rules for peelers. Can I just pre-peel/slice the kiwi beforehand and store them in a container? (They'll have to last for around 3 hours in that container boxed, without a refrigerator, but in a relatively cold atmosphere) would I need lemon juice?


Should be fine...i think most fruit can survive 3 hours in a semi-cold place. I'd do it

>You should be fine. You could use an ice pack in a lunch pail, like used for pick nicking. Or freeze some water overnight in a glad sealed ziplock bag.

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