Can we freeze food in glass jars?!

Question: Can we freeze food in glass jars?
We want to stop using plastic as much as possible, but have been used to feeezing food in plastic bags. Can we change to glass?


I wouldn't recommend it. Glass is a metamorphose, not quite solid, and can brake in extreme temp. changes. It is good for canning foods though. But I would not recommend freezing.
I do agree that we should not use plastics with foods, since I don't know your reasons I will give you mine... Plastic products are made from using petroleum as a base and can cause a chemical reaction to the foods stored in them.

You're asking for trouble. You can get away with it sometimes, sometimes not. You might be able to freeze it just fine then you put a roast in there from the store which is warm, it touches the cold glass and BANG, glass all over your freezer. I've picked glass out of the freezer before and it's not a job you want to do very often. You can freeze in Pyrex and cover with foil but Pyrex is a bit pricey for storage containers.

the problem with that is the glass won't allow for expansion but as long as you allow for that you could freeze stuff in glass jars

depends on what u r freezing, basicallyi would not risk it

Yes! Well at least i do!!
I don't think it matters but it has to be the ones u can freeze!!

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