What's your favorite food?!

Question: What's your favorite food?
Mine is coconut. Strangely enough I have never heard of coconut being ones favorite food, I just so happen to love the taste especially when baking things like coconut cake that's my weakness.


I love coconut cake also!! I really love: ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, cake, ice cream cake, fudge, cookies, pie, candy, chocolate, parfaits, smoothies, cheese(mostly Cheddar, and mozzarella), mangoes, coconut cake, crackers, cheesecake, and yeah, thats basically what I live for.
P.S I eat a lot of popsicles and i'm obsessed with them!!!!!

I like coconut, but I'm not crazy for it. My favorite foods are fried shrimp, lasagna, and mixed nuts--the oily kind. I can't eat a lot of my fave foods.

Spaghetti & meatballs,and chocolate fudge brownies!

Succulent t-bone steak with a side of juicy king crab legs dipped in hot, melted butter...I'm hungry now... >_<

Grilled salmon maybe or a good spaghetti bolognese

Steak is my all time favorite food


oysters on the half shell !!!!! the best tasting things ever, but a bit of lemon on them and the dip for your shrimp. SO GOOD

jalapeno and pineapple pizza!!!!!

linguica braised/baked in red wine on a portuguese roll


Mine is rice...sounds boring but i loovvee it!! goes with so many things, most of my favourite dishes consist of rice :)

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