I've been buying breyers ice cream and i've already returned it twice and?!

Question: I've been buying breyers ice cream and i've already returned it twice and?
i've found short hairs about 1-2 inches long three times.
i called the company and they said it's machine operated and it's probably a bristle hair from one of the machines? what do you think? i'm scared it's from an animal could that be possible. i'm scared i might have eaten a hair can anything happen if i did?


Well, without sending one of these hairs for more analysis it's impossible to tell whether it's from an animal, or artificial, or even if it was from a machine or not.

However it's sort of odd you've managed to find 3 separate containers with such long hairs in them.

As for an animal, yes that's possible. Despite best efforts, occasionally something gets into the factory and ends up in the mix. The FDA even has guidelines for "non-food contaminants" including how many bug legs per 1000 pounds of chocolate is considered permissible, for instance.

I wouldn't worry about it.

In the meantime, speak to the store's manager and let him know that he apparently has a batch of "hairy swirl" from Breyers. Hopefully it's just that particular batch and whatever the problem was at the factory, has been corrected so that future shipments will be hair free...

I wouldn't buy Breyer's anymore. The hairs being from the bristles on a machine sounds about right. It could be from an animal, but I think it's unlikely. I don't think anything bad will happen if you accidentally ate a hair, you would've had problems already if you were going to have any. Just stick with a different ice cream from now on.

Yuck! Try Ben & Jerry's i have never seen any hairs or anything gross. Plus it tastes richer and creamer. But if u did eat a hair its gross but it wont hurt ur health as long as u didnt eat a bunch of them.

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