Is orange chicken from Panda Express bad for you? Should I throw away the food?!

Question: Is orange chicken from Panda Express bad for you? Should I throw away the food?
Hi there, my mother just brought home orange chicken and some rice from Panda Express. She wants me to have some, but I am hearing orange chicken is bad for you and it contains salt, sugar, high calories, fat, and sodium, plus it is fried and it smells funky, but not that bad. I am really hungry and I hardly eat this; should I throw away the food?


Since you already have it, you may as well eat it (if you want). You're right, though, it's definitely not the healthiest option. Almost everything from Panda Express is full of fat and sodium. But as long as you don't eat high-fat high-sodium food on a regular basis, you will be just fine.

According to Panda Express Nutrition
Orange Chicken has a
serving size of 5.4 oz
400 calories
170 grams of Calories From Fat
20 grams of Total Fat
3.5 grams of Saturated Fat
0 grams of Trans Fat
90 milligrams of Cholesterol
640 milligrams of Sodium
42 grams of TotalCarbohydrates
0 grams of Dietary Fiber
18 grams of Sugars
15 grams Protein

JUST EAT IT! It's not that bad and it tastes really good. Just think about it this way. What if you throw it away and one day you become homeless and your begging for food. Don't you wish you had that food back and you wish you didn't throw it away? Why throw it away when people in other countries are dying for food. If you care that much about your health. Seal it, put it in the fridge and have someone else like your mom or dad eat it.

Yeah don't eat it. Only eat bad food as a last resort, when nothing else is around so that your blood sugar doesn't get too low. But, there's no point in eating stuff like that, because food is meant to give you energy, not weigh you down and make you bloated.

everything is good in moderation. A very good example is chocolate. Dark chocolate is very good for you, but if you have too much you will make yourself sick.

Go online and look up the health information. They should have it on their website.

Any American fast food place is filled with all that stuff

and yes Panda Express is American Fast food you would not want to eat true real Chinese and Japanese food cus it's nasty haha or at least to me it is.

Half of the stuff you eat in a day has high salt, sugar, calories, etc.I've eaten it before and i'm not dead yet.If you really don't want to eat it at least give it to a hobo or something.

Just try it you just might like it!

Oh my god, just eat it. One time is not going to kill you.

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