Which Flavour Chocolate melts faster?!

Question: Which Flavour Chocolate melts faster?
Ok so i am doing an experiment for science but i cbb going to shops to buy chocolate and test myself. So i am doing Normal chocolate, dark and white ( Dairy Milk brand). So just which one would melt first under the sun then second then last. Approximates would be fine.
Thanks Help Appreciated ^_^. PS: What is normal chocolate called?


White- it has more butter and technically is not chocolate.
WHite melts very quick and dark the slowest.

Normal chocolate is called Flake, RIpple, Flake dipped or Walnut Whip.

Milk chocolate melts the fastest. The more cocoa in chocolate the higher the melting temperature.

The rate that the chocolate will melt is effected by the temperature outside, so no one can approximate the time.

Someone put this on Unfriendable...

Use Hershey

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