Cadbury's creme egg or twisted bar?!

Question: Cadbury's creme egg or twisted bar?
They are the yet but different! i like the egg better personally x


Egg! Egggggactly.

I have never tried a twisted bar. But I "used" to like creme eggs. That was until they changed the recipe, and the yellow bit used to be really nice and runny and you could dip your tongue in.

dont really like either... but i think the twisted bar. with the egg... its too much of the sugery creme. not enough chocolate.

I like the twisted bar better, its more easier to eat and somehow less sickly.

the bar, its easier to eat and it doesnt feel like im eating a raw egg.

Creme egg! Mmmm!

Creme egg. The bar is too easy to eat.

I prefer the egg too.

twisted bar,.

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