Are Van Camp's sardines non radioactive?!

Question: Are Van Camp's sardines non radioactive?
They are a product of thailand?
Are there any certain food products to be concerned about at this time? Explain and how much radiation has it been exposed to, according to the best of your knowledge...


eat at your own risk, no one will tell the Truth anymore
all food and drink carries toxins

You really can't be serious, can you? Puleeze, have some perspective. The sardines in that can you have now were probably caught more than a year ago....way before the problems off the coast of Japan now...and besides - all fishing has been restricted in the area now...and you are talking about fish from Thailand. Have you ever seen a globe? Do you even know where Thailand and Japan are? They are hardly neighbors. Of course the sardines you have are fine to eat.

The only food products I would be concerned about are things that were within a few dozen miles of the reactor in japan, since the earthquake. But those foods are being quarantined by the japanese, and on the sea they've prevented fishing in the area.

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