Is smoking weed worth it at least once?!

Question: Is smoking weed worth it at least once?
Im a 17 year old guy and ive never smoked before. i have a 92 average in school and all my friends do it. It seems like fun and everyone thinks i do it any way. ive looked at some research and it really isnt harmful to you. Is it worth trying? I only want to do it for recreational purposes u know every once in a while. opinionz please


LOL man I can relate to you EXACTLY. To start with, I am 17 years old too and I'm one of the top 10% of my school. Just like you, I realized everyone at school smokes or has smoked weed at least once, and I was very curious to find out what it's all about. I myself did a lot of research as well before doing anything, I looked up what the effects of weed are, and nowhere does it say it makes you dumb or anything, so dont worry.
I decided that I was gonna try it, I talked to this dude I know, and bought 4 blunts.

Smoked one that same day, and im telling you bro, it aint like anything you've experienced before. I was so nervous but at the same time looking forward to it. After like 5 minutes i got high and your whole body feels funny. I kinda lost control of myself and I was doing stupid stuff like moving and leaning sideways for no reason, switching the lights on and off, laughing for no reason, etc. I walked to the kitchen and I was walking like a robot LMFAO it was hella weird.. I did a lot more stuff but in short words, it's something worth experiencing. I think I am able to control myself, contrary to popular belief, I didnt become a pothead and smoking once didnt "hook me up"...

I belive we only get to live once, and you might as well find out what things feel like before you are dead and gone and can no longer do it. Enjoy it man, and if you do it, let me know how it goes... I'm still a smart student, I still make A's at school, and I still smoke whenever I feel like drifting away from reality and just have a good time by my own or with friends.

Good luck bro, and make sure to get good dank weed ;)

Yes, give it a shot. Despite what anyone says, YOU are responsible for your grades, and weed will not change you unless you make a conscious choice to let it change you. I used to smoke weed, and got tired of it after a while. I am employed, and have a great job, and was always employed and responsible when I was smoking it. Weed can be fun if you use it in moderation, and set aside a time at the end of the day to take a few puffs and relax.

No don't, don't you know cannibis is a gateway drug, and you will become a heroin addict.? Just look at former prez. William Jefferson Clinton.

Trust me though, if you smoke enough of it you will become dumber. Iv'e seen it first hand 100+times, but mostly from kids that started at an early age. And until the tweed becomes legal, I would only do it once.
But just think, if you do get caught. And supposedly it always stays in your hair, so if you go for that high level job you will have thc in your hair, but then again all green vegetation has some thc in it, so puffing up one J is like eating salad 2 times a day all week.
The glue in the paper is probably more harmful to you than than drawing down one spliff.

Did you know former prez. George Washington smoked the god lettuce?

If you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make a habit of it.


Jesus loves you and he wants the best for you. The devil is trying to fool you into doing that and sooner then you think you will be addicted to weed it is horrible for you don't let your friends or the devil fool you, you will regret trying that, just stay pure and clean and don't get into that mess it will make things way harder and depressing on your life you don't want that right. don't follow after the world do whats right. smoking weed? does that seem right to you? I didn't think so. God has so may plans ahead for your life if you just allow it then it he will come. God has been so good to me and he will do the same for you, just call on his name and he will answer. Jesus is coming soon so don't waste your life trying to be like the world, be like Christ Jesus that's pure, right, and clean. I pray safety over your life I pray that you will have a love from God that you have never experienced before and I pray that God will guide you through even through tough situations, I pray that you will walk boldly into the light of God. God bless you.

All drugs are worth doing at least once, except for cocaine and opiates. Expect your marks to drop somewhat as your mind will be occupied with other thoughts and curiosities.

No it's not.

Get caught and you could get into trouble which could affect your work career for the rest of your life.

With a 92 average you are showing you should know better.

i think it not worth it because sooner or later you will regret it and be your own person DON'T BE A FOLLOWER

Do it once. No more than once and your fine.

No don't. You'll see your grade point average go down faster than a thai hooker.

Go for it! I did and I am just fine!

All drugs are harmful in some way so it`d be petty stupid.Don`t do it.

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