Is this enough food for a day?!

Question: Is this enough food for a day?
2 glasses chocolate milk ( whole milk ) & some coke?


There is no way I'm believing that you're not sure if this is enough food for a day! What is your reason for this? I'm worried about you. Please tell me why you're doing this to yourself! This is so unhealthy. Are you using drugs? Trying to lose weight? Have no money for food? Hate to eat? You can start slow but you need whole grains, protein, vitamins, minerals, veggies, fruits and I'm sure there are cakes and cookies you like. Don't deprive yourself. You will regret it when you're older. Possibly way sooner than that. You asked this question because you obviously know there is something wrong with your eating habits. You were smart enought to submit the question so now be smart enough to listen to the answer. If you won't help yourself noone else ever will.

No. Only have the 2 glasses of chocolate whole milk and 1 coke. Eat a salad for lunch with 1 tsp. dressing, and a baked boneless skinless chicken breast with some steamed vegetables and 1/2 cup cooked rice for dinner. Granola for breakfast. If you cut out most of the soda you are drinking and count the calories of food you will be fine. A 12 oz. soda has 110 calories. So if you are drinking soda all day long you might gain too much weight. If you are a man you should eat 2000 calories. If you are a woman you should eat 1200 calories.

Where is the food? Granted, the milk is calf food and Coke is nothing but soda water with acid, artificial colors and artificial flavors.

Try real food and you won't get sick.

No. That isn't enough. You should eat breakfast lunch and dinner. But no coke becuase that stuff is sooo bad for you!


if you are trying to loose weight the min you eat anything at all
you will put it back on


haha I hope you're kidding.

u should eat more food

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