I cut myself while in the kitchen?!

Question: I cut myself while in the kitchen?
I was cutting up some cucumber and accidentally cut myself in the process. I was just wondering if there was any bacteria or chemicals in the Cucumber that would harm me at all?


no but there might be on the knife, definitely put some antiseptic like neosporin on that.

Yes. Cucumbers are extremely venomous. When cut they secrete a vile smelling liquid that has similar qualities to cyanide.

I would be more worried about what was on the knife. Wash with soap and water, pour some peroxide on your cut and add some Neosporin or other medication to your cut.

No. When I cut myself in the kitchen, I soak my cut in vinegar. It seems to heal faster and helps prevent infection.

No, considering the fact that people eat cucumbers raw.

No, you'll be fine just wash your cut with some soap and water.

You'll be fine. Just rinse it with cold water and put a bandage on it.

Nawww just rinse it off

Of course there want be.

no, cucumbers are very sterile, hence why they put them on your eyes when you get a facial!

"I cut myself while in the kitchen". What a great misleading title, sir.

no you will be fine

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