What's the best ben n jerrys ice cream?!

Question: What's the best ben n jerrys ice cream?

The coffee heath bar crunch!

Depends, if you're a fruity kind of person, then go for the strawberry, banana flavors. If you're a chocolatey kind of gal, then go for the cookie dough, cookies & creme, rocky road flavors. A few years ago, (I think back in 2005 or 2006) My cousin, brothers, sister, my aunt, and my mom and I all went to Nashville, TN and visited the Gaylord Hotel during the Christmas holidays. I remember my sister, cousin and I went to the Ben & Jerry's inside the hotel and I got a rocky road-cookie dough mix with hot fudge and nuts on top, it was delicious indeed. The rainforest crunch is also an EPIC flavor. Try it whenever you can sometime.

my taste buds?

chocolate chip cookie dough by far but half baked is right up there as well

Everything But The Kitchen Sink. yum

half baked!

cookie dough and brownies, it's the best of both worlds.

try cherry garcia awwwsome

butter pecan

cookie dough

phish food :)

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