Why do people add salt to water when cooking potatoes/vegetables?!

Question: Why do people add salt to water when cooking potatoes/vegetables?
I thought it was to do with boiling temperature of water but my other half says it's to add flavour.


Salt increases the boiling temperature of water, so the vegetables will cook quicker, same as when some people add salt when boiling eggs, obviously that can't change the flavour but it reduces the cooking time.

other half is correct. it adds flavor (yes, saltiness IS a flavor) and makes the water boil faster. you add it to pasta water as well.

Because the veggie soak up to flavors of salt or (cicken powder Asians only use it) then put butter in the bowel (for broccil uses only)

Cooking with mommy

Mainly so the salt flavor is distributed throughout the food. Some people think it decreases cooking time but I see no difference.

She is correct, it is to add flavour and taste.

-Thats A Myth.

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