Did i eat too much today?!

Question: Did i eat too much today?
around 10:00 a.m. - 1/4 cup of corn pops with 2% milk
12:30- one banana and one granola bar with one bottle of water
3- one wrap that included lettuce, mushroom, and 6 slices of turkey and chocolate milk
tonight my family is ordering pizza and thats all there is, should i skip it or just have one slice of cheese without crust and water

im trying to lose weight....


Star , worrying is worse for you than pizza . your calories should be kept at 1800 per day to lose weight and keep it off

haha i eat a ton more then that and im skinny as hell. im 13 male and weigh 85 pounds but thats fine... just eat as much as you want. oh and a tip for losing weight is dont eat alot of meat and dairy. and eat more vegatables. if you eat something with alot of calories make sure you work out to burn them off.

health expert

So far you have done extremely well but pizza is very fattening if your trying to lose weight maybe have a some salad and a slice or two of pizza but you should have plenty of water with it.

OMG you barely ate anything of course you should eat. On diets, you should only eat a little less than what you usually eat, and eat healthy.

Have a slice of pizza
you'll be fine.

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