What would be your dream menu plan for an entire day?!

Question: What would be your dream menu plan for an entire day?
Mine would be ...
Breakfast - porridge with maple syrup, chopped banana, cinnamon and nuts with a glass of fresh orange juice and a vanilla latte

Lunch - smoked salmon and cream cheese on a wholegrain bagel with a side salad and peach juice

Dinner - Slow cooked lamb with homemade gravy, and all the trimmings!!

Dessert - Apple Toffee crumble with vanilla custard!!

Not sure could physically eat this much but boy if i could!!! :D
whats your dream day?



Breakfast: Either a fully loaded omelette with hashbrowns with cheese, sourdough toast, and a bloody mary...or any of my husband's eggy-cheesy-hashbrown breakfast casserole bakes.

Lunch: Maybe a seafood linguini in white wine garlic sauce, light green Greek salad, and garlic baguette with olive oil and balsamic, or just a good huge muffaletta sandwich.

Dinner: Veal picatta, steamed King crab legs, lemon-garlic butter, steamed asparagus with hollandaise, Stove Top stuffing (don't ask, it just works), garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes with bacon gravy, garlic cheese bread, and lemon sorbet for dessert.

Lol how could you not eat that much? I eat at least 2x that each day
breakfast- toast with butter, crispy bacon, blueberry muffins, strawberries w sugar, and a coffee
lunch- french fries, strawberry milkshake, cheeseburger, and some hersheys chocolate
snack- iced coffee, nutella on saltines, strawberry poptart
dinner- mashed potatoes, spicy sausage, hot bread rolls with butter, crab rangoons
dessert- cheesecake with strawberrys on top and another milkshake :)

Now THIS is a good day!

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