What is the best food in the world?!

Question: What is the best food in the world?



Mindfood, thinking about, creamstuffed pie. caramel, bacon with maplesyrup.

thinking about he best combination of food ever, and visualising eating it.

Most tastey? IMO nale?niki with ricotta cheese and fruit.

Most important to sustaining large quantities of people for cheap? Corn, potatos are 2nd.

There's no definite answer to it, actually depends on each individual. As for me its 'durian'.

Spanish Paella
fish steak
New York steak
Minion steak

Ice cream! It comes in hundreds of flavors and its so rich and creamy(:

tomatoes.... Artichokes..... Sushi

Burgers, stuff em w/ what ever you like and ur good to go

Salty Plums...YUM! Well brownies too. Depends!

the one you like the most, obviously :):)

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