Why cant i eat "raw" cookie dough..?!

Question: Why cant i eat "raw" cookie dough..?
I love it and have never gotten sick or anything from it before but I just bought a different brand than usual and I noticed the "DO NOT CONSUME RAW COOKIE DOUGH" advisory. what is the reason for this?


The reason is probably that the manufacturer of the cookie dough uses raw eggs in the dough and is trying to avoid product liability lawsuits by telling people not to eat raw dough.

Raw eggs occasionally contain Salmonella bacteria. These bacteria will be killed by baking or cooking.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salmonella#… item about Salmonella.

there are different types of 'raw' cookie dough. The kind which you can bake and make cookies and the type which is suitable for consumption when raw. This is due to the content of raw eggs etc. Just read the packaging, follow it and you'll be fine. If you've eaten that other brand and been fine with it - stick with that brand and I'm sure nothing will happen.

It's because of the raw egg and salmonella, however I recon a huge percentage of home bakers lick the bowl without any adverse affects. I have been nibbling raw dough and cake batter for decades and all the children I bake with...love it too. And so the 'underground consumption' of raw cookie dough continues.

It is because raw cookie dough contains uncooked eggs which can sometimes contain salmonella. They probably put that label on there so no one can sue them if they get really sick from eating it raw.

Here, take this...you need it more than I

... bring on the diseases then, coz I LOVE raw cookie dough! =P

Because cookie dough contains raw egg. U can get some diseases from it

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