How can i like vegetables?!

Question: How can i like vegetables?
I HATE vegetables but i know they're healthy so i tried eating them but i couldn't. How can i start to like vegetables?


Preparing fresh fruit and vegetable juices with a power juicer is an excellent method for consuming a multitude of vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes. Don’t like eating vegetables? Using an automatic juicer provides the best from veggies and makes a delicious, thirst quenching snack that even the most hardcore vegetable haters will enjoy.

So why not invest in a juicer? I have a Jack Lalane one and toss a whole day supply of veggies in it.
Tastes great too. Only way I could get veggies into my veggie hating son lol. You can toss in fruits to cover up the veggie taste if needed until you get more comfortable with the vegetable flavors.
I think if you start juicing you will feel so good you will continue to do so.

You may also try chopping the veggies very fine and add them to meatloaf, etc. Best wishes!
Try spreading out the veggies into small portions throughout the day instead of one huge serving.
Also try different veggies raw Maybe it is a texture thing. Or cook the ones you usually eat raw.

Don't forget there are green supplements in pill or powder form to fill in the gaps!

I'm not going to be rude, but I agree with the other girl. Try different kinds. It's very unlikely to hate ALL vegetables and if you do hate all the types that you can get (like the kinds that they sell at your local grocery store) then don't try to eat something you don't like, just eat other healthy things like fruits, yogurt, meats, or seafood.

Eat them with things that taste good, like butter or cheese sauce. If that's what it takes to make someone eat veggeis, so be it. You can also put veggies in dishes where they are not out there on your plate, all alone, staring at you. You can put them in lasagna, any pasta dish, omelettes, stirfries, meat loaf, burgers, soup, etc. Often you can't even taste them. I love veggies, but I must admit I do not really like zucchini unless deep fried, and lima beans have a nasty texture. Oh, and you people who cook with celery, ewwwwwwwwwww. It's meant to be eaten raw with hummous (also a healthy veg dish).

i heard about these things you can get at the grocery store... there like sprays that make your vegetables taste like sweet or something? ive never seen them but they were talking about it on the news awhile ago.
you can also use like ranch dressings, but those can be kind of fatty and they can just take the nutrition out of the meal lol.
they have like low-fat dressings that are supposed to be good. i don't know if your trying to eat better or just trying to like vegetables lol but i hope this helps!

Hehe, i hate vegies too.
Okay so just remember this, eat vegetables or elsse you'll get disease such as cancer. ^^
When you eat vegies, just think that you're eating like burger or something and ignore the taste.

My mind. XD

I wasn't brought up to eat vegetables. My parents didn't care what I ate. I had to discover veggies on my own and it was a brilliant experience. Just try them again and I guarantee you'll love them. (I should be 200 pounds right now the way my parents raised me. Thank cauliflower I'm not.)

some ppl bake with veggies-you cannot tell the difference, and the nutritional value is still there. i dont think there is a way you can actually begin to LIKE them without your personal tastes changing-sorry!!

By trying them instead of assuming you hate ALL vegetables

common sence && telling the truth isn't being rude

eat fruit, its yummier. and put chocolate sauce on the fruit.

how could you NOT?

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